Love Pumpkin Coffee Syrups? Check Out These Wild Facts About Pumpkins

Find out some interesting facts about our favorite fruit of the fall.

Okay, we know that the pumpkins are starting to go away, and the wreaths are coming in. But, if you live in Southern California like us, you might just leave that pumpkin out on the doorstep through January. As pumpkin coffee syrup fans, we’re proud of this magnificent… err… fruit… no, vegetable… Hmmm…

Well, that would be a good place to start, right?

As a member of the squash family, pumpkin is actually a fruit. It even produces a beautiful yellow flower on the vine that many people have never seen before. Because we’re so accustomed to seeing pumpkins already cut from the vine, we miss out on a lot of the other natural parts of this fruit.

Pumpkin Spice syrup is sure to give you the warm, cozy feeling of the holiday season with just a pump or two in your favorite beverage.

More Pumpkin Facts…

  • Pumpkin is loaded with potassium and Vitamin A, making for a great healthy snack.
  • You can even eat the pumpkin flowers!
  • Illinois grows 90-95% of all pumpkins grown in the United States. Wow!
  • In 2008, Illinois alone produced 496 million pounds of pumpkins!
  • Illinois might be rolling in pumpkins, but the fruit actually came from Central America.
  • Like pumpkin pie? So do we. Turns out we’re not alone. The largest pumpkin pie that was ever baked weighed more than 350 pounds – and only 80 of those pounds were actual pumpkin!
  • You often hear that watermelons are mainly water, but did you know a pumpkin is 90% water, too?
  • The largest pumpkin on record weighed a whopping 1,689 pounds. The record was set in 2007 by farmer Joe Jutras. In fact, breaking world record pumpkin weights is a hobby for many farmers up north!

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If you do want something a little sweeter, try pairing up Amoretti Premium Pumpkin Pie Syrup with a mug of specialty coffee. It doesn’t get much better than that, if you ask us. Then again, we love our pumpkin!

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