Make Gourmet Drinks: Floral Sodas

Refresh with Amoretti's subtle floral Violet Lavender Syrup.

We love drinks of all types, from coffee to tea to cocktails, and we love that each type of drink has an appropriate time of day.  Coffee is perfect for early, sleepy mornings.  Tea is a great mid-morning and mid-afternoon opportunity to relax.  And, then happy hour brings about cocktail time.  However, there’s this one weird time of day that we couldn’t quite figure out what to do with…

Unique Beverage Syrups: Elder Flower

Amoretti: a great way to make your bar or kitchen go farther.

When it gets to be about four o’clock, “tea time,” in our opinion is over.  We know that some Brit’s may disagree.  However, we enjoy our tea earlier… say two or three.  For most people, four o’clock means you’re still at the office, where you have to remain for yet another hour before heading home or out to the bars.

What to do, what to do?  Well, we came up with one type of drink that we think is perfect for that odd four o’clock hour: the Amoretti Floral Soda.  We put our hard to find floral syrups to good use with this concept.  And, we think you’ll enjoy the Floral Soda, too!  If you’ve always wanted to make gourmet drinks, but were unsure about where to start, there’s no time like the present, and no easier recipe than this one!

Organic Blue Agave Nectar

First, choose the hard to find floral syrup that appeals to you most.  If you’re at a loss on where to start, allow us to make some recommendations…

Amoretti Premium Violet Lavender Syrup is an employee and customer favorite.  We’ve featured it numerous times over the past few months in a variety of different recipes.  If you’ve never tried an exotic floral syrup before, then this is the one to start out with.

As much as we love our Violet Lavender Syrup, there are still even wilder exotic floral syrups that we have to offer.  Next on our list of recommendations is Amoretti Premium Elder Flower Syrup.  Elderflower is an intensely aromatic and “floral” syrup.  It works especially well with gin – a tip you might want to recall around five o’clock!  Definitely use this one to make gourmet drinks at home!

Once you have your exotic floral syrup picked out, all you need is soda water, and a liquid sweetener so that you can get the desired sweetness for your Amoretti Floral Soda.  (Try Amoretti Organolicious Premium Blue Agave Nectar for a basic sweetener.)

Lastly, add ice, and mix until you come upon the perfect combination!  This “recipe” is quite simple, and really just a matter of your own personal taste!

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