Make Gourmet Drinks With Amoretti Premium Eggnog Syrup

Why wait? Start getting in the holiday spirit now!

Too soon?  We don’t think so.  Halloween is just around the corner, and before you know it will be the Holiday season.  Before the high demand hits, what better time than the present to stock up on some Amoretti Premium Eggnog Syrup?  For us – and many Americans – eggnog is the drink flavor of the holidays.  Rich, sweet, and creamy, we think eggnog is simply irresistible!

Eggnog - a holiday classic available to you any day of the year.

Of course, if you start thinking about the fat and calories, well… then it might become a little more “resistible.”  However, if that’s your concern, then why not make gourmet drinks with Amoretti Premium Eggnog Syrup instead?  Our syrup is a great way to get the full taste and flavor of eggnog, without having to drink the actual thing!

Add this unique beverage syrup to your coffee, hot chocolate, or even drizzle it over your desserts to get the rich, creamy flavor!  With only 35 calories per serving (like most of our unique beverage syrups), you don’t have to worry at all about gaining pounds!

This syrup is great in coffee in the mornings.  Why not start treating yourself this fall to something a little better than a spoonful of sugar or a packet of artificial sweetener?  Also, don’t forget that Amoretti Premium Eggnog Syrup pairs well with many other Amoretti Premium Syrups that you might already be enjoying!

Just about all of the syrups in our Spice Category go really well with the flavor of eggnog!  One of our favorite spice pairings is Amoretti Premium Nutmeg Syrup.  It just doesn’t get any better than pairing nutmeg and eggnog!  At least, we think so.  Both of these syrups are great building blocks as you make gourmet drinks this fall and winter.

Plus, if you start practicing now, you’ll be ready to entertain successfully this holiday season!  You can amaze your friends, family, and party guests with your newfound skills as a barista or bartender.  We’ll provide the tools of your trade!

Many professional chefs and cooks around the world rely on Amoretti's products.

Don’t delay; Amoretti Premium Eggnog Syrup and other Holiday Syrups do sell quickly when the season hits.  Pick up a couple bottles now, and you’ll be set into 2013.  We always try to produce enough product to meet demand, but we’ve found that each year we’re surprised by the increased popularity of our Holiday Syrups!

You can order yours today, risk free.  After all, if you aren’t totally satisfied with your purchase, we’ll make sure to set things right!

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