Make Gourmet Espresso Drinks: Amoretti White Chocolate Raspberry Coconut Latte

Fall in love with Amoretti flavors.

If you’re looking to make gourmet espresso drinks this fall that you won’t find anywhere else, we’ve got you covered.  Amoretti Premium Syrups give you the tools for creation that you can’t do without.  With a high quality premium syrup (or two or three), you can create incredibly sophisticated and delicious drinks at home.  If you have an espresso maker and milk-frother, great!  If not, you can still recreate some pretty amazing recipes!

Today, we’d like to share a favorite that we’ve been enjoying this week right here in Southern California: The Amoretti White Chocolate Raspberry Coconut Latte.  Let’s get down to business so you can make gourmet espresso drinks immediately.

  • Ingredients:
  • Directions:
  • Who said it’s a challenge to make gourmet espresso drinks?  This one’s easy.  Simply froth your milk, toss in your shot of espresso, and add your premium syrups.  We’ve created this recipe to be fairly conservatively sweet.  However, you can always add more Amoretti premium syrup to the recipe if you like your drinks super sugary!  Add whipped cream, and voila!

    The Amoretti White Chocolate Raspberry Coconut Latte is perfect during this time of the year.  White chocolate and raspberry naturally pair well together, offering a delightful contrast that will tantalize those taste buds!  The coconut cream adds an extra special touch that will take your drink from ‘good’ to ‘great’!

    If you’re having any holiday parties this year, consider whipping up a few of these during the party.  Pour them out into little shot glass or double shot glass-sized portions, and add a dollop of whipped cream.  This cute and tasty drink will be a hit with your guests.  Share the recipe as a party favor, or keep it as your own little secret!

    Also, don’t feel like you can’t make gourmet espresso drinks like this one just because you don’t have an espresso machine.  You can always brew extra strong coffee, and use a little less milk to recreate this drink!  If you’ve made a version of this drink without espresso, or with some other kind of coffee brewing system, we would love to hear about it!  From our family here at Amoretti to yours, happy fall, and happy holidays!

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