Make the Holidays Special With a Hard to Find Soda Syrup

Bored with plain soda water? Add a splash of Amoretti syrups and enjoy a unique drink!

The holiday season can get quite busy.  Between all the shopping, decorating, and planning, you probably aren’t thinking much about hard to find soda syrups!  However, you’re creative; and, chances are good that you’re looking for extra ways to make the holidays in your home special for friends and family.

Well, we’re looking out for you!  We’re always thinking about how our syrups for drinks (from coffee to cocktails) can make your life better.  We aren’t just concerned about bringing great taste and great quality products into your home.  We also want our drink syrups to be easy to use.   You shouldn’t have to repeat complex recipes for an entire afternoon in order to get that great gourmet taste.  We know that you don’t have the time!  That’s why we’ve created gourmet recipes for you that are easy to follow.

Make Holidays Special With Soda Water…

… but not just plain soda water!  Adding a touch of a beautifully colored Amoretti beverage syrup is a great way to bring a little something sweet to the table.  It’s also a great way to bring a little color to the table!  Plus, with only 32 calories per serving, few guests are going to decline your flavored sparkling water!

Add Amoretti Premium Boysenberry Syrup to your next iced tea or lemonade.

Here are some of our favorite syrups for drinks.  Use these to flavor club soda/soda water this holiday season:

Amoretti Premium Raspberry Syrup – Raspberries may be out of season, but with Amoretti, they’re never too far out of reach!  We’ve flavored this syrup with real fruit, and bottled it right here in Southern California.  Bring a taste of summer to your holiday table.  Plus, the color of this hard to find soda syrup is absolutely gorgeous.

Amoretti Premium Mojito Syrup – How about some green to balance out that red?  Take it in the form of our delicious Mojito syrup.  Obviously, this syrup is more commonly used in the cocktail of the same name.  However, we love enjoying this hard to find soda syrup by itself in some fizzy water.  Give it a try!

Amoretti Premium Boysenberry Syrup – This pink color is especially popular with young children, who are attracted to the vibrancy.  This is a much healthier alternative than the sugary sodas that might otherwise be set in front of them.  Also, the boysenberry has quite the interesting story.  Read about it here.

If these hard to find soda syrups aren’t what you were expecting, you’ve got nothing to lose.  Pick up a few today!

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