Maple Coffee Syrup – Best of Both Worlds

If you thought maple syrup was just for your pancakes, think again. We’re always looking for ways to give new life to old, traditional flavors here at our Amoretti headquarters in Southern California. One of our most exciting experiments was converting maple syrup into a coffee syrup.

We’re crazy about the flavor of real, authentic maple syrup. However, pouring it straight into coffee seemed like it might be over doing it. Also, watering it down into a lighter mixture wasn’t really going to make the grade either.

So, we went back to the basics and decided to create our own maple coffee syrup from scratch. Using all natural ingredients, we came up with Amoretti Premium Maple Syrup. Take a look at some of the interesting maple syrup facts we learned along the way, and you’ll understand why we felt it was important to use natural ingredients in creating this product:

Maple Syrup

Next time you create a special breakfast for your family, try Amoretti Maple Syrup Iced Tea. We don't think you'll be disappointed.

  • In order to get just one gallon of maple syrup, manufacturers have to gather between 30 and 50 gallons of sap. No wonder real maple syrup is so expensive!
  • However, that maple syrup does stretch further when made into maple candy or sugar. One gallon of maple syrup (which weighs 11 pounds) can make 8 pounds of maple candy or sugar.
  • You might think that tapping maple trees for their sap is harmful. However, trees seem to show no damage at all. Since less than 10% of the sap is collected each year, trees remain perfectly healthy as the sap is harvested.
  • Some maple trees have been tapped for more than 150 years!
  • Maple syrup can be produced as far west as Minnesota.
  • Real maple syrup is only made in North America. Anything from another continent isn’t the real deal!
  • Also, real maple syrup is a natural food. There’s no need to add any kind of preservatives, flavorings, or other chemicals. We won’t go so far as to call it a health food though!
  • We’re coming up on maple tree sap harvesting season, which lasts for 8 to 10 weeks in the early spring. However, the heaviest flow lasts for just two to three weeks at most.

Looking for some great recipes to put this drink syrup to use? Try Amoretti Butterscotch Maple Oatmeal or Amoretti Maple Syrup Iced Tea. Of course, you can also just add it straight to a cup of black coffee for some delicious results!

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