Martini Recipe: Amoretti Pumpkin Cinnamon Whiskey

Ask anyone for their favorite martini recipe these days, and chances are good it won’t even involve vodka or gin. The classic martini has come a long way, through very liberal definitions! So, today, we’d like to share a martini recipe that is only a martini in the loosest sense.

This wintry cocktail creation uses one of our favorite unique drink syrups, Amoretti Premium Pumpkin Spice Syrup! It also brings together the intense flavors of cinnamon whiskey and hazelnut liqueur. The result is quite delicious – and potent – so, we hope you like it!

  • Ingredients:

    • Directions:
    • Add the first three ingredients and ice into a cocktail shaker, and shake lightly. Though this is a rather potent cocktail, you don’t want the ice to melt and dilute the mixture too much. Strain and pour your concoction into your glass, and then top with ginger beer to taste.

      This martini recipe is sure to be a hit with any guests you may have in your home this holiday season! It uses everybody’s favorite unique drink syrup from the fall, and brings together some other spicy ingredients. We’re big fans of the hazelnut liqueur, too. Just a little bit goes a long way in adding some extra nuttiness.

      Also, this martini recipe works well when heated. If you want to turn this drink into a warm concoction, then we recommend substituting hot water for ginger beer. Obviously, there’s no need for ice or the cocktail shaker, either.

      As we always say, this martini recipe should be considered as an outline. Feel free to shake things up a bit (or a lot). If you prefer an almond liqueur to a hazelnut liqueur, then go for it! Or, if you think cinnamon whiskey is too intense, and you’d prefer regular rye whiskey, then you can make that change, too.

      When you make gourmet drinks, the point is to just have fun. Don’t feel like you have to stick to a recipe all the time. Let the recipe inspire you; don’t let it control you.

      If you make the Amoretti Pumpkin Cinnamon Whiskey this winter, then we would love to know about it. Feel free to share your own tips and a picture of your creation on the Amoretti Facebook page. We love seeing how our martini recipes are altered.

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