New 3-Pack of Floral Beverage Syrups from Amoretti


We’re proud to have more than 115 different beverage syrups, including 8 hard to find floral syrups. Flavors include elderflower, jasmine, rose, and many more. However, we know that the average customer doesn’t necessarily need an entire 750 ml bottle of orange blossom syrup (at least not as an introduction). That’s why we decided to introduce the Amoretti Premium Syrups Floral 3 Pack, which has small 50 ml bottles of rose, violet lavender, and orange blossom.

You can use these delicious floral beverage syrups in cocktails, hot tea, and iced tea, but they really shine when used for baking in the kitchen! Check them out…

Amoretti Premium Rose Syrup: Rose syrup isn’t terribly hard to come by or make yourself. However, it’s hard to find a floral syrup like our rose syrup that is so full of rose flavor. Many rose water syrups are just slightly floral-infused bottles of sugar water. That’s certainly not the case with our rose syrup. Try using it to sweeten peppermint tea, or use it in a baklava recipe. Lastly, give our Rose Royale a try!

Amoretti Premium Violet Lavender Syrup: This is another floral beverage syrup that’s great for baking. Add it to your cookie recipes to give them a distinct flavor that you can’t get any other way. Or, try a Lavender Raspberry Iced Tea. This recipe was a huge hit this past summer, and we think it’s still good in the winter. If you’re looking for something with a little more ‘kick’, then we’re happy to recommend the Amoretti Lavender Martini.

floral 3 pack

Amoretti Premium Orange Blossom Syrup: Last, but certainly not least, is our orange blossom syrup. We mentioned above that traditional baklava recipes use rose syrup. Well, that’s not entirely true. Traditional Lebanese baklava recipes use rose water. Moroccan baklava recipes, on the other hand, call for orange blossom syrup. This interesting floral beverage syrup is also great in tea and cocktails. Use it to sweeten a cup of green tea, or experiment with our Victorian era-inspired tea recipe.

We’re looking forward to seeing how you put these hard to find floral syrups to use! Let us know what you come up with on the official Amoretti Facebook page. Or, reach out to us on Twitter! Remember, if you fall in love with any one of the syrups in this three pack, you can buy the full 750 ml version right here in the Amoretti store.

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