New Amoretti Trio Pack of Unique Tropical Syrups

Try Amoretti Coconut Cream Syrup, a part of the Tropical Syrup Gift Pack.

It’s not often that we take some of our customers’ favorite products and repackage them, but when we do, we think it’s worth getting excited about! Today, we’re proud to introduce a brand new pack of three of our most unique tropical syrups: Coconut Cream, Jamaican Rum, and Passion Fruit.

The new Amoretti Premium Syrups Tropical 3 Pack is a great way to get to know some of our classic flavors that you might not have been able to try before. (Hey, we don’t blame you… we have more than 115 different syrups to pick from!) With only 50 ml per bottle and a reasonable price of $10.99, this trio pack is hands down the best way to prepare your bar for the spring. Let’s take a closer look at each of these three unique tropical syrups…

Tropical Mini Gift Pack

Amoretti Premium Coconut Cream Syrup: Our coconut syrup tastes like the real deal because we make it using all natural ingredients. (We make all of our syrups from natural ingredients, by the way.) We’ve heard many of our customers complain about other tropical syrup brands tasting artificial with the fruit taste hidden by tons of sugar water. You know what we’re talking about! That’s not a complaint that anyone has about our coconut cream syrup, however.

You can use this syrup in cocktails, coffee, tea, or whatever other drink recipes you dream up. Get started this winter with an Amoretti White Chocolate Raspberry Coconut Latte. Then, transition your way into spring with a coconut lemonade. If you want some more coconut inspiration, be sure to check out our interesting facts about coconut.

Amoretti Premium Jamaican Rum Syrup: This non-alcoholic liqueur syrup tastes just like Jamaican Rum, but without the bite. It’s great for virgin cocktails, ‘real’ cocktails, cooking, or whatever else you may have in mind. Enjoy a tasty cold weather treat, and make yourself a non-alcoholic Jamaican Rum Cider this January.

Amoretti Premium Passion Fruit: Certainly one of our most unique tropical syrups, this syrup goes well in just about any tropical cocktail. You name it, and we’ve probably done it before! The Amoretti Passion Fruit Zest is a good example of how this flavor (in martini mix form) can be used to create something wildly tropical.

What will you create with this new trio pack? Can you figure out a way to tastefully use two (or all three) of these syrups in one drink? Let us know on the official Amoretti Facebook page!

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