New Bundled Pack of Top 3 Amoretti Coffee Syrups!


Here at Amoretti, we have more than 115 unique cocktail and coffee syrups. They run a wide range, covering everything from exotic floral flavors and German liqueurs to bubblegum. However, most of the time, we find ourselves using the standards.

We’re proud to announce that we’ve recently created a new bundled package of three of our top coffee syrups. We’re calling it the Amoretti Premium Syrups Classic 3-Pack, and it includes French Vanilla, Hazelnut, and Caramel. If you love the flavors of caramel or the toasted sweetness of hazelnut coffee, then this is a great way to taste our interpretation of these flavors. This Classic 3-pack set costs less than the average bottle of Amoretti syrup!

What Can I Use Them For?

Great question; let us count the ways!

Classic Syrup 3 Pack

Classic Syrup 3 Pack

  • Shower Prize Gifts: If you’re throwing a wedding or baby shower, this cute, little three-pack is the perfect gift to give to the winner of one of your games.
  • Hostess Gift: If you’re attending a party this winter, take one of these little gifts along as a thank you.
  • Business Gift: Did you forget to send something to one of your clients this holiday season? It’s not too late to ship them one of these Classic 3-Packs. Besides being tasty, these bottles will set around their desk or kitchen for a few weeks as a constant reminder!
  • Yourself: Not sure that you’ll like one or all of these flavors? Then this is a great way to try them! Of course, if you aren’t happy with any Amoretti product, then we encourage you to let us know so that we can make things right! That’s Our Guarantee.

Recipe Suggestions

Let’s take a quick little run-through of these three classic flavors.

Many professional chefs and cooks around the world rely on Amoretti's products.

French Vanilla: Back in July, we wrote about our French Vanilla syrup at length. This syrup pairs really well with other coffee syrups (especially our Amaretto Syrup). It can even be used in various cocktails. The only limit with this syrup is your imagination!

Hazelnut: The hazelnut is a fascinating nut. If you like bad puns, you might even say we’re nutty about it. Sorry, that was a very bad pun. Let us redeem ourselves by sharing these five facts about hazelnuts. We’ll even throw in a recipe for a hazelnut martini!

Caramel: While we love hazelnut coffee, we love caramel coffee even more. (We’ve made four caramel syrups, after all.) Try our Caramel & Cinnamon Iced Coffee recipe, which we posted almost one year ago.

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