New Drink Recipe: Amoretti Whiskey Ginger

The “whiskey ginger” is a classic amongst well drinks: a shot of whiskey, squeeze of lemon or lime, and ginger ale to the top. Perfection. While we love this easy drink recipe, we decided to spice things up a bit, using real crystallized ginger, bitters, and one of our favorite unique citrus syrups, Amoretti Premium Lemon Syrup.

Consider this the fancy cocktail version of a classic well drink. We’re keeping things basic, and simply christening it the Amoretti Whiskey Ginger.

Amoretti Whiskey Ginger Drink Recipe

  • Ingredients:
  • Directions:
  • Cut the crystallized ginger into fine, long strips. Add the ginger, along with the rye whiskey, to a cocktail shaker, and muddle thoroughly. Add two dashes of bitters (try orange bitters, if you have them) and the Amoretti Premium Lemon Syrup. Add ice, shake vigorously, strain, and serve. Optional: garnish with a lemon wedge.

    Notes on Crystallized Ginger

    Lemon Syrup

    Tell us what your family thinks about Amoretti Lemon!

    Crystallized ginger is one of our new favorite ingredients to use in cocktail recipes. Ginger has that delicious bite that totally transforms a cocktail without being overwhelming. When you muddle the ginger, you really open it up in the cocktail recipe. Also, we prefer using crystallized ginger over fresh ginger since it brings a little extra sweetness. When you use crystallized ginger in one of your drink recipes, you don’t need to worry about adding a simple syrup or other sweet element to the mix!

    About Amoretti Premium Lemon Syrup

    If you’re familiar with other cocktail syrups, then you might expect our lemon syrup to be sweet and… well… syrupy. Let us warn you – it’s definitely nothing of the sort. We take pride in creating unique citrus syrups that actually taste like the citrus pictured on the bottle. Oddly enough, that’s not a very common practice in this business.

    So, when you see a drink syrup in the Amoretti Store that’s supposed to taste like lime, lemon, or tangerines, you can be sure that the syrup really will have that taste. If you are looking for something sweet to go along with the citrus flavor, then we recommend picking up a bottle of Amoretti Organolicious Premium Blue Agave Nectar, a great sweetener made from USDA-certified organic agave nectar.

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