New Drink Recipe Feat. Amoretti Blueberry Syrup

It isn’t spring yet. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get a little “springy” with our cocktail creations. Today, we want to share a drink recipe that is every bit as refreshing as a melting frost: the Blueberry Lemon Sparkler. This drink recipe has the perfect amount of tang and bite, without being a sour drink.

This drink recipe features vodka as the base spirit, limoncello to add that twist of sour, and our delicious Amoretti Premium Blueberry Syrup for an amazing jolt of fresh fruit flavor. A little bit of seltzer water is perfect for giving this cocktail a refreshing buoyancy and lightness. If you find yourself craving just a little more sweetness, try using ginger ale instead of seltzer.

Blueberry Lemon Sparkler

  • Ingredients:
  • Directions:
  • Add first three ingredients to a Collins glass full of ice. Next, add the 4 ounces of seltzer water to fill the glass. Stir, and enjoy.

    Experience our delicious, ready-to-use, flavored syrups for coffees, teas and other cold beverages, including juices and ice teas.

    Blueberry is quite the uncommon fruit syrup. We have dozens of fruity flavors, but blueberry is one of the most versatile. It can be added to anything from hot green tea to a bowl of vanilla ice cream. There’s really no limit to how you might choose to enjoy Amoretti Premium Blueberry Syrup.

    In fact, we’re willing to bet that you can come up with a fantastic drink recipe using Amoretti Premium Blueberry Syrup. We’d like to challenge all Amoretti Blog readers to create a blueberry-based drink recipe that they’d like to share with the Amoretti community on the Amoretti Facebook page. While you’ll get “bonus points” for using an Amoretti product, you certainly don’t have to.

    Create a drink recipe that’s completely your own, and we might even feature it here on the Amoretti blog. Go ahead and get those creative juices flowing with the Blueberry Lemon Sparkler, and then head on over to the Amoretti Facebook page when you get the chance to share your own drink recipe. We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

    If you need some inspiration in the meantime, check out these blueberry-based drink recipes we’ve posted in the past…

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