New Drink Recipe: Iced Caramel Rum Coffee

Coffee, caramel, and rum: what’s not to love?

Coffee, caramel, and rum: what’s not to love?

Coffee, caramel, and rum: what’s not to love? Okay, well in this drink recipe it’s just the rum flavoring. (This drink has to be morning-commute-friendly!) If you’re looking for a new way to get your daily dose of caffeine, then you might find a friend in our Iced Caramel Rum Coffee.

Don’t let the name fool you… this isn’t some sugar-pumped latte. Instead, it’s more like an iced Americano with a touch of coffee syrup flavoring and a touch of cream. Want to know how we do it? Check out the drink recipe below…

Amoretti Iced Caramel Rum Coffee

  • Ingredients:
  • Directions:
  • Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add the two coffee syrups, and then add the shots of espresso. Shake vigorously for five seconds so that the espresso, ice, and coffee syrups are chilled and foamy. Pour the contents into a tall Collins glass. Add more ice, if necessary, leaving just a couple of inches of room at the top of the glass. Slowly pour half and half (milk is fine, too) on the head of the drink so that it floats on top of the ice and espresso. Do not stir.

    A few notes on the coffee syrups…

    Our Premium Crema di Caramel Syrup is rich, decadent, and delicious – which is why you only need just a little to get the full effect! This syrup is a little bit thicker and richer than the average Amoretti syrup, so it tends to require more vigorous shaking or stirring to get it to melt. We advocate layering it on top of the ice cubes in your cocktail shaker so that the heat of the espresso will help dissolve it!

    Amoretti Premium Jamaican Rum Syrup has the sweet and spicy taste of Jamaican Rum, but is totally non-alcoholic. We’ve featured this coffee syrup in a number of coffee drink recipes in the past. It also goes great in apple cider – hot or cold.

    We’re interested in knowing what you love most about these two unique coffee syrups. Share your favorite drink recipes (coffee, cocktails, tea, or otherwise) on the official Amoretti Facebook page, where other fans just like you are discussing what’s up in their kitchens. Join in on the conversation!

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