New Martini Recipe: Creamy Raspberry Vodka Martini

We’re proud to feature fourteen delicious creamy syrups in the Amoretti Store. While these fine ingredients can be used for just about anything, many customers only use them for coffee. And we think that’s just too bad.

Lately, we’ve really enjoyed creating some custom martini recipes with these creamy drink syrups. They run the gamut in terms of flavor, from tiramisu to wild strawberry. Today, we’d like to share a vodka martini recipe that sticks to the fruitier side of things.

Creamy Raspberry Vodka Martini Recipe

  • Ingredients:
  • Directions:
  • Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice. Shake vigorously to ensure that ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Strain into a martini glass and serve!

    This drink is a perfect cocktail for early spring. It’s bursting with full fruit flavors, without stepping into that “fruity cocktail” territory which, as anyone who’s ever ordered a “Cosmo” at a bar knows, can get rather dicey.

    We especially love using our Crema di Raspberry Syrup (rather than our regular Amoretti Premium Raspberry Syrup) because it lends a richer, smoother, more full-bodied flavor to the vodka martini.

    Raspberry Syrup

    Made with natural flavors and only 32 calories per serving!

    Selecting a High Quality Vodka for Your Martini

    In order to get the most flavor out of this Creamy Raspberry Vodka Martini, we recommend using a high quality vodka. Higher quality vodkas are oftentimes distinguished by their lack of flavor. This effect is typically achieved by repeat filtering. Many premium vodkas are filtered five times or more in order to get that ideal “flavorless-ness.”

    When looking for a fine vodka, ask the store clerk for a vodka that comes from a single source. Many lower quality vodkas have that “rubbing alcohol taste” because they are made from multiple grains or potatoes. The same can be said of table wines, which are often a composite from multiple vineyards. Instead, look for vodkas that are made from the crop on one farm.

    The last word on selecting a fine vodka is this: the “best” vodka is the one that you like the best. Some people will try to persuade you that a top-shelf, obscure, and distinctive-tasting vodka is “the best.” However, if you don’t actually like the vodka, then who cares if it’s supposed to be the best? When it comes to the world of food and drink, there are objective standards, but they all amount to nothing if they don’t agree with your palate.

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