New Spicy Iced Coffee Drink Recipe

Ginger and chai add a wonderful kick to your coffee.

Ginger and chai add a wonderful kick to your coffee.

For many people, chai and gingerbread have autumnal connotations, which we totally get. After all, ginger snaps, spiced teas, and everything else that falls under those flavor profiles tend to get lumped in with autumn and winter.

But sometimes we like to draw out those spicy flavors into the warmer seasons. Maybe it’s just us, but we’ve found that these flavors actually taste different when enjoyed in different weather conditions. For just about everyone, “taste” is something that’s wrapped up in memory, nostalgia… these intangibles that don’t seem in any way to be linked to our taste buds. However, there’s no other way to explain why we crave certain foods when we return to the restaurants we used to enjoy or to our mothers’ kitchens.

Well, that’s all to say… we’ve found that the delicious flavors of our chai and gingerbread coffee syrups seem to take on subtly different flavors when they’re enjoyed in a different context. Check out how these classic, spicy coffee syrups change when you sip on them in a refreshing summertime iced coffee!

Amoretti Spicy Ginger Iced Coffee

  • Ingredients:
  • Directions:
  • Add all ingredients to a large glass, add ice, and stir. You can also make this iced coffee using espresso instead. To make an iced latte, we recommend filling the glass all the way with ice, and then throwing your hot espresso shots over the ice. Add the syrups, then milk. Stir, and enjoy!

    Winter, spring, summer, or fall, these two coffee syrups pair well together all year round. Both of these syrups are rich and robust. In fact, you might be initially surprised by just how “spicy” they actually are. Don’t expect the sugary-sweetness of your mainstream coffee shops. Instead of diluting the pure flavor of chai and ginger with sugar water, we’ve crafted our syrups to taste just like the real thing you see printed on the bottle!

    Of course, if your expectations aren’t met, then we want to know about it. All you have to do is drop us a line, and we’ll make it up to you. That’s our guarantee.

    What’s your take on our “seasonal taste bud” theory? Have you found the same thing to be true as you make your own gourmet drinks at home? Join in on the conversation over at the official Amoretti Facebook page!

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