New Sweet & Spicy Chai Latte Drink Recipe

Sweet & Spicy Chai

Sweet & Spicy Chai

On crisp spring mornings, there’s nothing in the world quite like an iced chai latte with perfectly balanced notes of sweet and spicy. If you’ve never tried chai tea before, we would strongly encourage you to branch out and give this drink recipe a try!

Chai – or masala chai, as it’s also known – is a black tea that’s made with herbs and aromatic Indian spices. It comes from South Asia, but is now enjoyed in coffee shops and kitchens around the world.

Here in the United States, it’s common to use concentrated chai tea with milk to make a chai latte. A chai latte contains caffeine from the chai tea, but there’s no espresso. Nevertheless, many coffee drinkers enjoy chai lattes just as much as their non-coffee consuming café allies.

Iced Sweet & Spicy Chai

  • Ingredients:
  • Directions:
  • Add all the tea, milk, and coffee syrups to your glass. Fill with ice to the top. Enjoy! Note: Earlier this week we shared instructions for making your own chai tea at home. If you decide to use the “from scratch” chai recipe, then we recommend using more tea and less milk. Also, if you want an extra caffeine kick, feel free to throw in a shot of espresso before adding the ice.

    We’re big fans of this drink recipe for several reasons. For one, it’s so easy to make and easy to keep the ingredients on hand. No need to have fresh herbs, ripe fruit, or even fresh-brewed coffee! You can throw together this drink recipe in no time.

    Secondly, we’re fans of this recipe because of the two tasty coffee syrups it features. Our cinnamon coffee syrup has been a top-seller since day one. Be warned that our cinnamon coffee syrup isn’t your standard sugary-sweet syrup. Instead, it carries the powerful bite of fresh and delicious cinnamon.

    As much as we love cinnamon, we can’t pass up a chance to talk about our zabaione coffee syrup. Zabaione is made from marsala wine, egg yolks, and sugar, a traditional dessert with a long European history. (Learn more about zabaione here.) If you do decide to pick up a bottle of our zabaione coffee syrup, be sure to try our recipe for strawberries in balsamic with zabaione syrup!

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