Not a Coffee Fan? Start Here With Flavored Coffee

Flavored coffee

Amoretti has over 100 syrup flavors - you are bound to find something you will love.

So, you’re one of our less common readers that’s not a coffee fan? Hmmm… we see. Well, we think that we can probably fix that. We’re going to bet you just haven’t had the best flavored syrups for coffee – Amoretti Premium Syrups. Try flavored coffee with the help of Amoretti, and you’ll never look back!

Our advice to would-be coffee drinkers is to start with heavily flavored coffee. Many new coffee drinkers are turned off by the drink’s inherently bitter taste. Though just about everyone loves the smell of coffee, that first cup you try is a big surprise! Coffee’s taste is a lot different than its aroma.

Eggnog - a holiday classic available to you any day of the year.

Fortunately, we’ve got more than 115 flavored syrups for coffee that can mask that bitter taste if that’s what you want! This fall, why not “cloak your coffee” in one of our richest and most decadent syrups, Amoretti Premium Eggnog Syrup? Though we have this syrup year round, it’s especially appropriate for November. Its thick, sauce-like texture can give a cup of coffee that smooth and sweet taste you’re craving. And, if it’s not enough for you, add some creamer, too!

Infuse your cinnamon recipes with the exquisite, unparalleled depth of flavor which only Amoretti can provide.

Once you get comfortable with your flavored coffee, you might want to try a syrup that’s less intense. How about Amoretti Premium Cinnamon Syrup? This spicy syrup is less sugary sweet, and lends itself much more to the natural spicy flavors of cinnamon. Also, it pairs quite well with our delicious eggnog coffee syrup.

But, perhaps we’re getting ahead of ourselves. While flavored syrups for coffee are a great way to balance out the intense flavor (which some people consider a turn-off), there’s one other option you might turn to first…

Steamed milk. Warm milk is perhaps the best way to cut the bitterness of coffee. You don’t have to own a fancy latte machine either to have steamed milk. While a good latte machine is definitely the best way to get steamed milk because of its abilities to aerate the liquid, it’s by no means necessary. If you don’t have a machine, just warm some milk in a pan on the stove. Add it to your flavored coffee, and enjoy! You can even shoot for a 50/50 ratio, if you’d like.

As you start to enjoy flavored coffee, you’re almost certain to become a devout convert to this delicious drink! Eventually, you’ll end up using less milk and sweetener, and drinking more coffee. Perhaps you’ll even enjoy tasting the differences between coffees all over the world. But, for now, we’ll start small!

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