We, at Amoretti, will gladly support your chocolate addiction.

We will gladly support your chocolate addiction.

Dear Chocoholic,

It’s okay. We’ve all been there at one time or another in our lives. Whether you habitually eat chocolate when you’re stressed or find health benefits to justify your insatiable cravings, we understand your dilemma. How can something so unhealthy be so addicting?

But is chocolate really as unhealthy as you think? Despite the rich, creamy texture and its “candy” label, chocolate isn’t a bad thing – especially if eaten in moderation. So go ahead and indulge your senses!

Unique Beverage Syrups : Dark Chocolate

The rich decadence of Amoretti Premium Dark Chocolate Syrup.

The reality is that dark chocolate is lower in sugar and fat than milk chocolate, making it a great treat without the worry of too many calories. Just like anything else, though, too much of a good thing isn’t ideal, so don’t use this as an excuse to eat all the dark chocolate your heart desires. Here are some interesting secrets about this deliciously dark treat:

  • There’s more cacao in dark chocolate. This is what makes it darker and more flavorful than milk or white chocolates without the added sugar.
  • The smell of chocolate itself can stimulate the brain waves. This is why you may feel relaxed simply by smelling chocolate without even having to taste it – neat!
  • The chocolate industry generates approximately $66 billion per year! When you consider all the treats bought for Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and other spontaneous events, you can understand why!
  • Though cacao has existed for centuries, it wasn’t until 1910 that humans started enjoying chocolate in bar form. Yes, that chocolate bar you enjoy eating is hardly a century old!
  • Chocolate is one of the most popular ingredients in drink recipes. From chocolate milk to shakes and martinis, there are many drink recipes that incorporate the rich chocolate flavor.

Interested in infusing the rich dark chocolate flavor into your drink recipes? Be sure to use Amoretti Premium Dark Chocolate Syrup! Unlike other drink mixers, Amoretti drink syrups don’t contain artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners, making it one of the most unique beverage syrups in the market.

And if that wasn’t enough, our Amoretti Premium Dark Chocolate Syrup even comes with a pump so that you can easily add the dark chocolate flavor to your drinks. Because it’s made with the finest ingredients available – not to mention kosher certified – you only need 1 pump of Amoretti, compared to 2-3 pumps from competitive brands!

Have you used Amoretti Premium Dark Chocolate Syrup in your drink recipes? We’d love to hear your favorite uses for it on our Amoretti Facebook Page!

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