Our 7 Favorite Vodka Cocktail Recipes From 2013

Enjoy warm weather with Amoretti flavored drinks.

Enjoy warm weather with Amoretti flavored drinks.

If you like to make gourmet drinks and cocktails, then you probably already know a thing or two about vodka. If not, we’ve got the resources to help you learn everything you want to know about this fine spirit. And – even better – we have plenty of vodka cocktail recipes to keep you busy all month long. Check out seven of our favorite vodka cocktail recipes from the last few months…

#1 Amoretti Mango Mantra

We started off 2013 with this delicious and exotic creation. It has plenty of real-fruit flavor and the perfect amount of sweet. If you’re looking for a refreshing vodka drink this spring, then we heartily recommend this vodka cocktail recipe. Pick up a bottle of Amoretti Premium Mango Syrup to make it happen!

#2 Black & Red Sangria

‘Sangria’ is a term we use pretty liberally around here. If you like to make gourmet drinks that stand out from the crowd, then you’ll probably agree with our liberal definition. We really shook things up when we made the Black & Red Sangria this past February!

#3 The Sea Breeze

Of course, not all of our vodka cocktail recipes are brand new. Some, like the Sea Breeze, are nearly one hundred years old. This is the perfect drink for a highball glass!

Raspberry Syrup

Create the perfect ice cream dessert with our interesting fruit syrups.

#4 Creamy Raspberry Vodka Martini

Who says martinis have to be light and crisp? Sometimes we like to make our martinis just a little on the creamy side. We came out with this tasty creamy martini, which features our blackberry cocktail mix and our rich Crema di Raspbbery Syrup.

#5 Amoretti Raspberry Twist

What do you get when you add raspberry, triple sec, lime, and vodka? The Amoretti Raspberry Twist, a cocktail recipe that will knock you out if you aren’t careful! We love the wild and fruity bouquet of flavors in this recipe!

#6 Flowers of Sicily

If you’re looking for a great sugar-free vodka cocktail recipe, then you can’t go wrong trying out our Flowers of Sicily Vodka! Our delicious sugar-free flavoring can make even the lowest grade vodka taste like something off the top shelf.

#7 Amoretti Vodka Infusion

Several weeks ago, we wrote a post about how to infuse vodka at home. Well, from that tutorial came a recipe for our classic vodka infusion drink. If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out!

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