Our 7 Favorite Whiskey Cocktail Recipes of All Time

Whiskey is quite versatile, try these fun recipes or create your own.

Whiskey is quite versatile, try these fun recipes or create your own.

When it comes to spirits, there are few more diverse and delicious than whiskey. If you like to make gourmet drinks, then you certainly need to cover your whiskey bases. A few weeks ago, we did a brief write-up in honor of whiskey, covering the four factors that determine a whiskey’s taste and qualities.

If you’re ready to put your whiskey to noble use, then check out our seven favorite whiskey cocktail recipes of all time…

#1 The Mint Julep

The mint julep is a classic made from bourbon whiskey. It’s famous for its association with horse racing in Kentucky, but over the last several decades the mint julep has grown to the status of international phenomenon. Who would have ever thought mint and bourbon could taste so good together?

Add to your favorite cocktail to create a delicious drink.

Add to your favorite cocktail to create a delicious drink.

#2 Amoretti Whiskey Ginger

This cocktail recipe is a creation of our own. It calls for rye whiskey, bitters, crystallized ginger, and our delicious lemon syrup.  Crystallized ginger can lend sweetness and a bite to the gourmet drinks you make at home.

#3 The Manhattan

Speaking of rye, the Manhattan is the ultimate rye whiskey cocktail. Add a little bit of sweet vermouth to your rye, and you’re half way there!

#4 The Sazerac

Okay, you could say we’re kind of partial to rye…. Last one, here: The Sazerac is another classic rye whiskey cocktail recipe. Traditionally, Sazerac was made from absinthe. Of course, absinthe today isn’t what it used to be, so few people will ever know the true Sazerac. Nevertheless, we think our recipe is a pretty good attempt at recreating the original!

#5 Mamie Taylor

If rye’s not your thing, then you might find yourself more inclined toward scotch whiskey. If you’ve never had a scotch whiskey cocktail before, then the Mamie Taylor is a great one to get started with. The Mamie Taylor mixes scotch whiskey with ginger beer and lime for delicious results!

#6 Scotch ‘n Spice

Think of this drink recipe as a scotch-spin on the Sazerac. Plenty of fresh ingredients here!

#7 Little Italy Fire

Okay, we lied. We can’t help but include just one last rye whiskey cocktail recipe. This is definitely the most involved whiskey recipe we’ve created, but we promise you won’t be disappointed. Rye, limoncello, and other surprising ingredients come together with amazing results!

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