Papaya: Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know (and More)


If you enjoy unique tropical syrups and flavors, then we’ve got (at least) one you have to know about: Amoretti Premium Papaya Syrup. This uncommon fruit syrup is guaranteed to be different than anything you’ve ever had in the past. Don’t expect some sugar-infused and watered-down generic-melon-tasting-drink-syrup! Our premium papaya syrup is made from real fruit, which means you get the real deal with each pump of syrup!

When we first created this syrup, we did a lot of research into papayas, learning everything about them: growing regions, varieties, other purposes for the melon, and more. We’d like to share a few of those facts with Amoretti blog readers today.

Papaya Syrup

You cannot go wrong adding our Premium Papaya Syrup to your frozen pina colada!

7 Facts About Papayas

  1. The papaya comes from the Southern Mexico/Central America region, but can now be found in tropical climates all around the world.
  2. Most people are familiar with the Hawaiian papaya, which weighs about one pound. However, the Hawaiian papaya isn’t the only variety. The Mexican papaya can weigh up to ten pounds!
  3. The papaya made its way from Mexico up to Hawaii in the early 19th century. Hawaii is the only U.S. state that commercially produces and sells papayas.
  4. Papayas won’t make you sterile, but the seeds act as a contraceptive with male monkeys.
  5. Out of pepper? Grind up those seeds in your papaya, and see if you notice the difference!
  6. Papain, an enzyme found in the leaves and unripe portions of the papaya, can be used as a meat tenderizer. It can also be injected into the human body to soothe muscle and joint pain. Its uses don’t end there either. Papain works as a digestive aid as well!
  7. Papaya was the first genetically modified food (early 1990s) to enter the United States food supply.

Papaya certainly has a wide range of uses, purposes, and notable milestones in history. However, we love this fruit most because of the unique tropical syrup it inspired us to create. If you’re anxious to try out our tasty papaya syrup, you’ve got plenty of options. Here are a few of our favorite ways to enjoy Amoretti Premium Papaya Syrup:

  • Use it to add an interesting flavor to chamomile tea. A little bit goes a long way!
  • Create a fruity cocktail that’s not cliché (pointing at you, cranberry, cherry, orange, etc.).
  • Make your own soda drink. All you need is soda water, simple syrup, and this uncommon fruit syrup.
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