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    Amoretti Passion Fruit Extract

    Full of flavor and packed with exquisite aroma, try this passion fruit extract in your recipes!


    1. Spray a square 8″ pan, including sides, with oil.
    2. Combine cornstarch and powdered sugar in a bowl.
    3. Dust powdered sugar/cornstarch mix into the pan and tilt it to make sure the entire pan is coated, including sides.
    4. You can also line the pan with foil or parchment, leaving some for overlap, in order to remove the marshmallows from the pan with ease.
    5. Bloom gelatin in 1/2 C water in the bowl of mixer with whisk attached.
    6. Pour gelatin into bowl of mixer, add water and stir to combine. Let it sit to bloom while you cook the syrup.
    7. In a saucepan, cook the sugar, water, corn syrup and honey and Amoretti Blue Agave on medium heat to 242°F.
    8. Remove from heat and let the bubbles settle a minute or two.
    9. Begin mixing the bloomed gelatin on low to break it up.
    10. With mixer on low, slowly add the hot syrup to the bloomed gelatin. Increase the speed to medium and whip for 5-7 minutes until stiff and glossy, but still warm.
    11. Add Amoretti Passion Fruit Ext. and whip just to combine.
    12. Spray a spatula and quickly scoop the mix into the parchment-lined or greased and sugar coated pan. You won’t be able to get all of the mix out of the bowl, as it will harden quickly.
    13. Wet fingers with water to smooth by hand, if desired.
    14. Dust the top of the mix with powdered sugar/cornstarch mix and let marshmallows rest in a cool place at least 4 hours or overnight.
    15. Dust a cutting surface heavily with some of the powdered sugar/cornstarch mix.
    16. If you are using a pan without the parchment or foil, with a rubber spatula, gently loosen sides and then remove marshmallow square from pan and place on cutting surface.
    17. Lightly spray some oil on the knife and dust with the powdered sugar/cornstarch mix before cutting individual marshmallows.
    18. Toss them in powdered sugar/cornstarch mix to coat.
    19. If desired, marshmallows can be burned on top with small torch.
    20. For mini marshmallows, you can pipe “ropes” of the mixture onto a greased and coated sheet pan, dust and when ready, cut small pieces off each “rope” and toss to coat.
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