Amoretti Pistachio Cookies

Try these soft & scrumptious lemon-pistachio cookies!



  1. Sift powdered sugar.
  2. Separately, sift all purpose flour and baking powder, and set aside.
  3. Cream butter, cream cheese, and powdered sugar.
  4. Add egg, Lemon Zest Oil extract, Vanilla, and two drops of green Food Color.
  5. Mix just until combined. Scrape bowl, and mix again.
  6. Add sifted all purpose flour and baking soda, pistachio flour, and salt
  7. Mix, scrape bowl, and mix until combined.
  8. Divide dough in half and spread onto parchment or waxed paper.
  9. Take one half and form into a log. The dough will be soft and sticky, so rub some AP flour onto your hands as you work.
  10. Roll the dough into a log shape, wrap, and set aside.
  11. Repeat with other half of dough.
  12. Chill both logs for 2 hours.
  13. Combine the 8 tablespoons pistachio flour with ¼ cup finely chopped pistachios by hand.
  14. Working with one log at a time (keep one chilled), unwrap and spread the finely chopped pistachios and pistachio flour along the long side of the log and roll it onto the nuts, repeating as you go so the log is covered with the nuts and flour.
  15. Cut into ¼” slices and place onto a parchment-, or silpat-lined cookie sheet.
  16. Place one pistachio in center of each cookie and gently press into dough. (I like to cut each pistachio in half, to show the greenest part of the nut, but you may choose to use the whole nut.)
  17. Bake in a 350°F oven for 12- 15 minutes, rotating pan at 6-7 minutes, for even baking. Cool on rack and repeat with remaining log, or save for later. Dough will keep for 3-4 days.
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