Problem: A Late Night Mocha Without the Coffee?  Solution: Amoretti

Enjoy the flavor of coffee in the evening without loosing sleep later.

Have you ever been up late at night, craving a mocha, but knowing that a full shot of espresso or more would keep you up for hours?  Yeah?  So, have we!  As much as we love our mochas, we’re not always in the mood for a big caffeine kick late at night.

Espresso Coffee Syrup

This syrup is a great way to add unique flavor to a variety of beverages. The flavor is intense, delicious, and made from natural flavors!

However, Amoretti has a solution to this coffee-lover’s dilemma.  Think of it as a reverse mocha, if you will.  Instead of creating a coffee drink and flavoring it with chocolate, we’ve found that we can create a chocolate drink that’s flavored with espresso!

Using one of our favorite unique liquid sweeteners, Amoretti Premium Espresso Coffee Syrup, we’ve created the Amoretti Reverse Mocha, a very low-caffeine creation that shouldn’t have you up all night!

We love Amoretti Premium Espresso Coffee Syrup because this syrup delivers the flavor of coffee without all of the side effects.  And, while the “side effects” of coffee are great early in the morning, you don’t always want to feel jittery and alert at… say… 11 pm, right?

Full disclosure: our Amoretti Premium Espresso Coffee Syrup does have some caffeine.  Because we source this syrup (and all of our syrups) from nature, there will be trace amounts of caffeine in a serving of this syrup.  However, you shouldn’t have to be concerned unless you are extremely sensitive to caffeine.

Amoretti offers a variety of chocolate flavored syrups, including Swiss Chocolate and Milk Chocolate.

Put this delicious coffee syrup to use and enjoy an Amoretti Reverse Mocha this week.  Chances are, you already have hot cocoa mix at home.  However, if you prefer to make your own hot chocolate with milk and a chocolate syrup, we can help you out with that, too.  We offer a number of liquid sweeteners that are rich with chocolaty flavor.  Here are just a few you might enjoy in an Amoretti Reverse Mocha:

Amoretti Premium Milk Chocolate Syrup is a classic, of course!  This is our standard go-to for making hot chocolate.  Equally popular is Amoretti Premium Swiss Chocolate Syrup, an even richer syrup.  Both of these make for great coffee syrups, too.  So, while you may enjoy them in the evening as hot chocolate, don’t forget about using them in the morning in your coffee!

If you enjoy the Amoretti Reverse Mocha, we would love to know!  Send us an email, and tell us what you love about this drink.  Or, if you’ve created your own spin off of this drink recipe, tell us what you’re up to!

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