Product Highlight: Amoretti Premium Elderberry Blossom Syrup

Amoretti Premium Elderberry Blossom Syrup, one of the most delicious exotic floral syrups we carry.

With 115 different beverage syrups – many of them rather hard to find flavors – it takes us a while to get around to covering every single product.  However, we’re working on it!  Today, it’s time to feature Amoretti Premium Elderberry Blossom Syrup, one of the most delicious exotic floral syrups we carry.

Elderberry Blossom Premium Syrup

Elderberry (Latin Sambucus) used to be classified as a type of honeysuckle.  Though modern science has determined that elderberry was better classified elsewhere, its original status as a type of honeysuckle plant is a great thing to keep in mind.  Knowing how a plant was classified before the advent of modern science can help you understand the basics of its flavor!

The elderberry plant will release its berries in the late spring and early summer, shortly after a burst of white/cream colored flowers.  The beautiful elderberry flowers are famous throughout both hemispheres for the promise of those tasty dark berries soon to follow!

Our elderberry syrup tries to stay true to the unique taste of these powerful berries.  Because we always source our products from nature, staying true to a berry’s original flavor isn’t terribly difficult.  However, our team at Amoretti has gone to great lengths to ensure that Amoretti Premium Elderberry Blossom Syrup and all of our hard to find flavors taste as much like the real thing as possible.

The elderberry plant isn’t just great tasting.  It’s also steeped in the rich cultural histories of people all over the globe.  Many cultures have used black elderberry to treat respiratory health, including flu-like symptoms and respiratory allergies.  While we don’t make any such claims about Amoretti Premium Elderberry Blossom Syrup, we think it’s special to know that you’re enjoying a less-common plant that has had a huge impact on cultures outside of the West.  For us, these little bits of information make the experience even more enjoyable!

Elderberry isn’t predominantly used as a type of medicine either.  In Romania, the elderberry is used as a primary ingredient in a popular soft drink.  However, we think you’ll enjoy this hard to find flavor in teas and floral cocktails!

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Try mixing Amoretti Premium Elderberry Blossom Syrup with white teas and light green teas.  If you’re interested in creating a cocktail with the syrup, stick to clear spirits like gin and vodka.  We’d love to know what other ideas you have for using this delicious floral syrup.  Send us your at-home experiments, and we might even share them with other Amoretti fans!

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