Variety of uses for Amoretti's cookie spreads.

Amoretti’s Cookie Spreads are fun and easy to use!

Easy to use Cookie Spreads.

Delicious spread, dipped or swirled!

Cookie Spreads, those delicious creamy (or crunchy, depending on the variety you’ve chosen) pastes made with smashed-up cookies, may have you wondering what to do with them. Here’s a list of a few of our favorite quick and easy ways to enjoy these indulgent confections:

    • Delicious as a dip for apple slices & strawberries.
    • Spread onto waffles, pancakes, crêpes, or english muffins.
    • Used as a quick frosting for brownies or cakes.
    • Warmed and drizzled over ice cream.
    • Mixed into pudding or whipped cream for an interesting twist.
    • Simply enjoyed off a spoon!
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