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Amoretti Jamaican Coffee

Amoretti Premium Nutty Syrups, Coffee Perfection

If there's anything that can add to that perfect after-dinner experience, it's the enjoyment of adding a little bit of rum and one of your favorite Amoretti products.

If you’re a coffee drinker, you have probably known the pleasures of a good strong cup of coffee after a delicious dinner. There’s something about the rich, heavy body of a good Indonesian coffee that can’t be replaced. Or, perhaps you’re drawn to the dark, roasty sweet found in a shot of espresso.

If there’s anything that can add to that perfect after-dinner experience, it’s the enjoyment of adding a little bit of rum and one of your favorite Amoretti products. Adding one of our exotic beverage syrups can take your version of Amoretti Jamaican Coffee to the next level.

Your basic recipe for your Amoretti Jamaican Coffee should look something like this, but feel free to experiment and create something totally your own!

Amoretti Jamaican Coffee:

  • Ingredients:
  • Optional garnishing to consider:

    • Mint leaves
    • Dark or white chocolate covered espresso beans
    • Chocolate Flakes
    • Sea Salt
    • Caramel Drizzle

  • Directions:
  • Combining any of these elements into a recipe will allow you to make unique beverages that will leave your dinner guests impressed!

    Almond Orgeat Syrup

    Amoretti Premium Almond Orgeat Syrup and Coffee equals Perfection.

    Have fun with the types of coffee you select and your brewing methods. If you own a French press or espresso machine, let your drink recipe take on different variations.

    Instead of brewing 10 oz. of coffee for each guest with a standard drip brewer, pull an espresso shot for each guest and then add hot water, creating an Americano. This way, your espresso shots stay fresh and hot. Also, by using espresso shots instead of drip-brewed coffee you can make smaller drinks that still carry the same caffeine kick!

    With a French press you’ll be able to get richer, more “oily” coffee since the press will extract greater flavor from the coffee beans than a standard drip brewer. Perhaps you want to brew at double strength to get a strong coffee flavor?

    No matter what kind of brewing method you use, your guests are sure to enjoy whatever you prepare since you are using one of the many exotic beverage syrups Amoretti has to offer. One of our favorites, depending on the type of rum used, is Amoretti Premium Almond Orgeat Syrup.

    Try this recipe for yourself and let us know what combinations you love the most!

    Make sure to keep sending us your ideas for recipes. We’re always looking for new and exciting ideas – and keep your eyes peeled for next week’s Top Recipe of the Week!

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