St. Patrick’s Day Drink Recipe (Feat. A Sour Cocktail Mix!)

Planning a St. Patrick’s Day party this year? If so, then you’ll definitely need a green drink recipe to get the party started. We created the perfect St. Patrick’s Day punch recipe for Amoretti fans to share with their friends. This St. Patrick’s Day drink recipe is totally scalable, whether you want to make it to serve 20 or just one.

But first, how about a little St. Patrick’s Day trivia? Quiz your guests with a few of these factoids…

What You Might Not Know About St. Patrick’s

  • St. Patrick actually wasn’t Irish. He was born to an aristocratic family in modern day Britain in the year 390 A.D. He was kidnapped and shipped away to Ireland, where he had a religious experience, which is why he’s now primarily celebrated by the Irish.
  • St. Patrick died on March 17, 461, which is why celebrate on the 17th.
  • In Ireland, many people will wear three-leafed shamrocks on St. Patrick’s Day. Pin a few to the lapel of your jacket, or pin them in your hair. Just make sure you’re wearing green!
  • Ireland has a population of 4.1 million. In the United States, however, there are some 34 million people that can claim an Irish lineage!
  • The ratio of three-leaf clovers to four-leaf clovers is estimated to be about 10,000:1. Four leaf clovers really are rare!

St. Patrick’s Day Drink Recipe

  • Ingredients:
  • Directions:
  • Add all ingredients to a large punch bowl. Add ice, and stir. Allow limes to float in punch bowl for some added greenery!

    If you’ve never had our sour cocktail mix before, then we’d like to encourage you to give it a try! Unlike other sour cocktail mixes, this one is made from natural fruit flavors and real ingredients, lending a superior taste – no matter what you put it in.

    We hope that your St. Patrick’s Day is filled with good food, good drinks, and good friends. While we can’t help with friends and food, stick to this drink recipe and sour cocktail mix, and we’ll have you covered on the imbibing front. Also, please make sure that your guests stay safe – and legal – on March 17! Tell us about your St. Patrick’s Day party plans.

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