Strawberry Peach Rickey Cocktail Recipe

The traditional Rickey cocktail was developed in 1880s.

The traditional Rickey cocktail was developed in 1880s.

It recently came to our attention that after re-creating 20 classic cocktail recipes, we entirely skipped over one whole family of cocktails: The Rickey Family. The traditional Rickey cocktail was developed in Washington D.C. by bartender George A. Williamson in the 1880s. In its first incarnation, the cocktail featured bourbon whiskey instead of the now-popular gin. It was when Williamson began to collaborate with Colonel Joe Rickey, a Democratic lobbyist in town, that the modern gin Rickey was born.

While gin may be at the heart and soul of Rickey cocktails, we’ve taken a little liberty in using vodka instead. Also, though traditional Rickeys have little to no sweetener, this version contains some natural fruit sweetness that sets it apart from other Rickey cocktail recipes.

Strawberry Peach Rickey

  • Ingredients:
  • Directions:
  • Add the vodka, limejuice (and lime), peach puree, and strawberry premium syrup to an Old Fashioned glass filled with ice. Stir and add soda water to the top. Garnish with thin peach slices.

    Interestingly enough, Colonel Joe Rickey, for whom the original drink is named, hated the fact that he had become famous for a cocktail. Colonel Rickey was a mildly famous politician and lobbyist in D.C., but once the cocktail had spread around the country, his name was only associated with the drink. Rickey felt that his life’s work and accomplishments had been overshadowed and forgotten as a result of the cocktail recipe.

    He commented on the matter to The Wellsboro Gazette, saying, “The present popularity of the Scotch high ball may possibly lose me my reputation and restore my former fame. ‘Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished for.” It’s expected that the “Scotch high ball” Col. Rickey here refers to is the newly created Mamie Taylor cocktail recipe, which was also taking the country by storm at the time.

    Col. Rickey never was able to shake his reputation, and, to be honest with you, we’re kind of glad he didn’t. After all, we might not know about the Rickey cocktail if he had been successful in suppressing it! With the addition of peach puree and our delicious wild strawberry premium syrup, this cocktail has reached a new level of quality. Try it out for yourself, and let us know what you think on the official Amoretti Facebook page.

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