Sugar-Free Drink Recipe: Amoretti Irish Winter

To continue our series of sugar-free and healthy drink recipes, we’d like to introduce Amoretti Blog readers to a new and exciting drink – one that’s completely sugar free! The Amoretti Irish Winter has won over everybody here at the Amoretti headquarters in Southern California. Sure, we may not need a recipe like this with the mild winter weather in these parts, but we enjoy it just the same!

The Amoretti Irish Winter is one of those drinks that can warm you to your bones. We got half of our inspiration from Irish cream, a classic flavor that’s made its way to the breakfast table, bar, and everywhere in between. The other half of our inspiration came from the rich, bittersweet taste of dark chocolate. (And we’ll say it again – this one is sugar-free!)

Amoretti Irish Winter Drink Recipe

  • Ingredients:

    • Directions:
    • Pull your shot of espresso and thoroughly mix in these two coffee syrups until they dissolve in the hot espresso. The sugar free dark chocolate flavoring is especially thick, so make sure to swirl it into your espresso well. Next, pour your steamed plant milk, carefully holding back the foam. Add a dollop of foam to complete your Amoretti Irish Winter. Enjoy!

      We hope you love this sugar-free drink recipe as much as we do. Don’t expect it to be too sweet. We like to give our sugar-free customers the option to attain their own desired level of sweetness. We use only natural ingredients in making our sugar-free coffee syrups (the same goes for all of our drinks syrups). As a result, we don’t put any artificial sweeteners in our drinks: no aspartame, saccharin, sucralose, or anything else.

      Some customers love the artificial-free taste just as it is, while others want a little sweetness added. It’s completely up to you! If you find your sweet tooth begging for just a little bit of sugar, then choose the sweetener that’s right for your diet. If you don’t have a favorite sweetener already, then we recommend you give our straight blue agave nectar a try. It’s a healthy sweetener that doesn’t carry any strong flavor of its own!

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