Ever wonder what really goes into our Sugar Free syrups?

Ever wonder what really goes into our Sugar Free syrups?

What makes Amoretti Sugar Free syrups different from everyone else? A lot, actually! When we set out to create a sugar free syrup many years ago, we didn’t want to create a “me-too” product; we wanted to create not just a delicious product, but something unique, special, and different than most sugar free syrups currently available.

For starters, our sugar free syrups are natural. We don’t add any artificial sweeteners of any kind. That means so sucralose, no aspartame, no saccharin, no nothing. If you read the ingredient statements which are available on www.amorettistore.com, you may ask yourself, “How are they sweetened?”

All of our sugar free syrups are naturally sweetened by the proprietary extraction process of the flavor itself, whether it’s hazelnut, vanilla, chocolate, and so on. Amoretti produces thousands of different concentrated flavors regularly for wholesale customers, and we have taken our unique extraction process of different fruits, nuts, and just about any flavor you can imagine to our offerings of syrups.

In the end, this extraction process adds a small amount of calories and carbs to the product, but zero sugar. What you get a very pleasantly-sweet, mellow and gentle flavor which is perfect for coffee and tea. Our sugar free syrups don’t taste “overly chemically” like most sugar free products on the market.

 After conducting a massive nationwide poll, the overwhelming majority of our customers preferred a syrup with a minimal amount of calories and carbs in order to enjoy a sugar free syrup that’s natural.

A wonderful way to begin tasting them is our Classic Sugar Free 3-Pack which includes Sugar Free French Vanilla, Sugar Free Caramel, and Sugar Free Hazelnut with three pumps included.

We truly hope you enjoy them, and as always, we stand behind every single one of our products. If you’re not satisfied with them for any reason whatsoever, simply email your order number to orders@amoretti.com and one of our customer service reps will try very hard to put a smile on your face!

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