Summer Fun For the Kids: Lemonade Stand

Add Amoretti Premium Syrups to the standard glass of lemonade to create a unique flavor!

Be the talk of the neighboorhood when you add Amoretti Lemon Syrup to your lemonade!

If you’re already wondering how you’re going to make it through summer before the kids go back to school, here’s a timeless activity: help the kids open up a lemonade stand! Once you get the ball rolling, you can turn it over to them and let them take care of it on their own. We’d recommend handing over the reins to children at least 10 or 11 years old.

A classic lemonade stand has been a part of summer tradition for years. But you can really make it fun by incorporating some Amoretti Premium Syrups that will add unique flavor to the standard glass of lemonade. Everybody’s got to have an edge in this economy, right?

Getting Started

For starting out, you might just want to pick up a few gallons of lemonade at the grocery store, along with some paper cups. While squeezing lemons can be fun, you don’t want the kids to get burnt out on all the prep work only to have them spend a half hour holding down the stand.

Encourage the kids to come up with a name for the stand and make their own sign.

Running the Stand

Once the sign is up and the lemonade is out, give them a few bottles of Amoretti syrup to incorporate. We recommend picking a few unique tropical syrups from our collection, but there are many others that can also work. Try our top-selling tropical syrup, Amoretti Premium Passion Fruit Syrup, for a flavor that’s truly unique!

Add some passion fruit syrup or peppermint syrup to your lemonade to "twist" the flavors that will keep your customers coming back for more!


Just keep “kid friendly” in mind when choosing a few syrups for the stand. While we think all of our syrups are delicious, we’ve found that some go over better than others with kids! Amoretti Premium Peppermint Syrup is always a popular one. Adding a pump of this brings back memories of fairs, where it was a treat to stick a peppermint stick in a juicy, plump lemon!


Not only can you share some treats with the neighborhood, but you can also teach your kids a little lesson in money. You know your neighborhood best, but try selling lemonade with one pump of syrup for 25 cents, offering extra pumps for an additional nickel.

Lemonade stands can be a lot of fun for the kids, and with Amoretti they can add unique flavor to their “product.” Let them give it a try!

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