Amoretti Cosmo Wine-Tini

Amoretti Cosmo Wine-Tini

The other day, we featured Amoretti Kiwi Martini Cocktail Mix in its first ever wine-tini recipe. Naturally, we got to thinking… what other cocktail mixes could we have overlooked? Well, we made a discovery. Wine-tini fans will be excited to hear that today we’re featuring our first-ever wine-tini using Amoretti Cosmopolitan Martini Cocktail Mix as a base.


Infuse your cosmo cocktail and martini recipes with the flavor of bright lime, tart cranberry and sweet orange flavors to create this unmistakably elegant cocktail

Our cosmo cocktail mix has already appeared in a number of delicious drink recipes, including these:

  • Amoretti Pink Lemonade Martini, which features both our Cosmo cocktail mix and our Lemon Drop cocktail mix for a little bit of sweet ‘n’ sour. Be sure to check out the instructional video in the link!
  • The Sea Breeze was initially developed during the Prohibition Era, using gin and grenadine. Today, it commonly features vodka, grapefruit juice, and cranberry juice. We enjoy the Sea Breeze using our Cosmo mix, of course!

… but, pair it with a little white wine and fresh fruit, and this unique cocktail mix is transformed entirely. Check out the Amoretti Cosmo Wine-Tini recipe below:

Amoretti Cosmo Wine-Tini Recipe



Pour a little white wine into a large pitcher or container for mixing. Add one cup of washed raspberries and gently muddle them, leaving the berries intact but releasing lots of fresh fruit flavor! Squeeze in the key limes; add the sliced peaches; pour in the remaining wine and the Cosmopolitan cocktail mix. Stir well and place the container in the refrigerator, allowing the wine-tini to thoroughly chill. When ready to serve, remove from the refrigerator, pour into wine glasses or Collins glasses, and add ice. Enjoy!

What kind of wine works best?

Since the wine is the primary ingredient in just about every wine-tini recipe, it’s important to choose a bottle that makes sense for the recipe. In this recipe, we recommend a slightly sweeter white wine to balance the combined tartness of the raspberries, key limes, and Cosmo cocktail mix. Of course, if you prefer a dry white wine, we encourage you to try a bottle out and see how you like the difference!

When mixing wine-tini recipes – or any drink recipes, for that matter – experimentation is always key. Have fun and happy mixing!

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