Blackberry Bouquet

Blackberry Bouquet

We’ve been having a great time this summer creating one wine-tini recipe after another. From playing around with our Strawberry cocktail mix and limoncello to creating the rich, flavorful tones found in our sour apple wine-tini, we’re loving this new style of cocktail.

If you’ve never had a wine-tini recipe before, here’s what you need to know: a wine-tini is a lot like sangria, except we like to kick it up a notch by adding vodka and/or a liqueur. Think of it as sangria turned rogue.

This week’s wine-tini recipe draws on crème de cassis, a black currant liqueur that originally appeared in the Tequila Sunrise (though most bartenders now choose grenadine instead). Crème de cassis is also well known for its presence in Kir, another wine-based cocktail.

We’ve put its strong flavors to good use by pairing it with white wine and our blackberry martini cocktail mix. Check out the wine-tini recipe below:

Amoretti Blackberry Bouquet Wine-Tini

  • Ingredients:
  • Directions:
  • Muddle the berries of your choice in a large serving pitcher. Muddle them just enough so that the flavor is released. Add all of the other ingredients (except ginger ale) to a large pitcher and stir well. Set the pitcher in the refrigerator for an hour so, allowing the ingredients to properly chill. (Nothing’s worse than a warm wine-tini.) Once you’re ready to drink, remove the pitcher from the refrigerator, add ginger ale, ice, and serve.

    About Crème de Cassis

    Crème de cassis is mostly enjoyed in France; however, we think it’s so good that it should get a little more press! This liqueur is made from soaking black currants in alcohol. Later in the fermentation process, sugar is added to give a little sweetness. As it is with any beverage ingredient, higher quality fruit will yield a higher quality product. The best black currants (and crème de cassis) come from the commune of Dijon, a region in France famous for its production. You can find crème de cassis at any sizable spirits store.

    Are you a fan of crème de cassis? Have any great wine-tini recipes of your own that calls for this liqueur? We’d love to hear about them. Share your wine-tini recipes or other cocktail recipes with us on the Amoretti Facebook page.

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