Apple Pie Ice Cream, Ice Cream Sandwiches

The cutest, chilliest dessert for summer—our Apple Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches!

Ice cream is already pretty good, so you’re probably wondering how we can make it better. Adding just a bit of one of our Swirls, we easily add a burst of flavor and create Apple Pie Ice Cream!

But we didn’t stop there either. We took some of the Oatmeal Cookies we made last week and thought, what if we cut them in the shapes of apples, add Apple Pie Ice Cream, and top it off with another cookie? And that’s how our Apple Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches (in apple shapes) were born!

Watch our video and make your own ice cream sandwiches!

Apple Pie Swirl

Add that classic flavor (or any of our varieties of fruit) to your desserts with our Apple Pie Swirl!



    1. Soften the ice cream and place in a mixer with the paddle attachment.
    2. On low speed, break up the ice cream.
    3. Add the Apple Pie Marbleizing Swirl and combine on low speed.
    4. Lay parchment paper onto a sheet pan or in a baking tin, overlapping some on each side.
    5. Spread the ice cream onto the parchment and freeze.
    6. Lift out the ice cream using the overlapping parchment.
    7. Cut out shapes that match the cookies that will be used for the top and bottom of the sandwich.
    8. Place the cutouts on another parchment-lined sheet pan and freeze overnight.
    9. Chill the cookie shapes before adding the ice cream shapes to make the sandwiches.
    10. Freeze filled sandwiches overnight.