Eldermelon Gin & Tonic

Take our Eldermelon Gin and Tonic on your next picnic for a refreshing summer cocktail.

Gin and tonics are famous. Used in songs, James Bond, and even “How I Met Your Mother,” you just can’t go wrong with this cocktail. Enjoy it after dinner by yourself or mix it up for friends. But if you want to change it up a bit, we’ve got a simple recipe just for you!

With a dollop of agave nectar for sweetness and a touch of elderberry blossom syrup, our Eldermelon Gin and Tonic is sure to be a hit this summer! Watch our video to see how it’s done, and feel free to use our recipe any way you like!

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    1. Place cucumbers, Agave, and Elderberry Syrup in the bottom of a tall glass.
    2. Muddle cucumbers with the syrups.
    3. Pour in gin, tonic, lemon juice, and watermelon juice.
    4. Lightly stir and top with ice.
    5. Garnish with a cucumber and a watermelon slice if desired.