White Rum Curacao, Cocktail

What a combination our White Rum Curacao is-sweet and gorgeous!

While mixing this one up, we weren’t too sure. Is it going to be too sweet? Will the flavors mix together well? So, we stirred it up one fateful day to test it out. And the results were…amazing! It’s sweet, but not overly so, and the flavors come together wonderfully. Not to mention, it layers easily and looks beautiful! Enjoy this tasty, exciting drink all summer long!
Watch our video to see how it’s done, and don’t forget to send us some pictures of your creations!

Chocolate Syrups, Liqueur Syrups

Our syrups are amazing in coffee, tea, sodas, cocktails, and so much more, so grab our White Chocolate Syrup and Blue Curacao Syrup today!



    1. Add the White Chocolate Syrup to the vanilla cream soda and stir thoroughly.
    2. Pour the soda mixture into a glass with ice.
    3. In a separate glass, add the Blue Curacao Syrup to the white rum and stir thoroughly.
    4. Using a spoon, pour the rum mixture over the soda mixture to layer.
    5. Stir and enjoy.