What's your favorite cocktail garnish?

What’s your favorite cocktail garnish?

Let’s face it: you judge books by their covers. And you judge drinks by their looks as well! This is why one of the most noticeable ingredients in cocktail recipes isn’t in the drink itself. Rather, it’s the garnish that’s used to bring the entire drink together.

Regardless of where you get your drink recipes, most of them call for a garnish to top everything off. A beautifully manicured garnish adds an incredible amount of visual appeal. Just think about the effect a briny olive or stalk of pickled asparagus adds to any drink.

Furthermore, cocktail recipes that call for fruit wedges, slices, or twists as their garnish take advantage of the fact that these fresh garnishes subtly imbue their flavors into the drink. Of course, using Amoretti Premium Lemon Syrup or Amoretti Premium Raspberry Syrup to any of your drink recipes is a prime way to highlight that refreshing fruit flavor.

Tangerine Syrup

If you can make a gin and tonic, you can make the Amoretti Tangerine Gin & Tonic!

So what do you do if your cocktail recipes don’t call for a garnish? Simple: add your own! Below, we review the most common garnishes used in cocktails so that you can add them to your drink recipes as needed:

  1. The twist. The twist is a common, yet elegant, garnish for any cocktail. If you’re using a citrus-based drink recipe that uses Amoretti Premium Tangerine Syrup, consider using an orange twist to top off the drink. From cutting an ideal twist that fancily spirals to learning advanced techniques for artfully creative garnishes, the options for the twist are endless! Typically, these involve the fruit hides of the flavored drink.
  2. Mint. It’s even easier to use mint as a garnish in your cocktail recipes, especially since you don’t have to cut anything. However, if you’re muddling, it’s important to remember to have a light hand to prevent mint from overpowering your drink recipes. Of course, you’ll always want to ensure your mint is fresh before use!
  3. Olives. Whether you use a briny olive alone or spear several on a toothpick, the olive is one of the classiest garnishes you can infuse into your drink recipes. Chances are that any guests you prepare cocktail recipes for will prefer their olives either stuffed or unstuffed, which adds even more options and variety to the classic garnish.
  4. Onions. Want to know the secret to using onions in your cocktail recipes as garnish? Freeze them. This way, the onion doesn’t overwhelm the drink and you can keep it cool in the process.
  5. Cherries. Of course, the maraschino cherry takes the top award for cocktail garnishes – but you already knew that!
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