The 4 Best Coffee Pairings (Food, Coffee Syrups, More…)

Coffee and muffins - such a perfect combination!

Coffee and muffins – such a perfect combination!

If there’s anything better than a great cup of coffee, it’s finding that perfect food pairing to go along with the experience. Sommeliers may have their cheese. Coffee-lovers have their pastries. While there aren’t necessarily any “rules” for coffee pairings, we’ve found the following pairings to be winning combinations.

(If you aren’t familiar with the terms used to describe coffee, take a quick look at this blog post to understand the four most commonly used descriptors.)

#1 Indonesian Coffee With Spicy Hummus

As a disclaimer, this blog post is going to contain a lot of generalizations. Here’s the first one: Indonesian coffee tends to be a lot spicier than, say, Ethiopian or Latin American coffees. Spicy coffees have a very lively mouth feel and really awaken the taste buds. We’ve enjoyed pairing a favorite Indonesian coffee with spicy red pepper hummus. Use salty crackers or chips for dipping, or opt for strips of red pepper. This is a great combination!

Unique Beverage Syrups : Swiss Chocolate

Our Swiss chocolate syrup is made from the best ingredients, and it is one of our most beloved unique beverage syrups.

#2 Ethiopian Harrar With Maple Muffins

Ethiopian Harrar coffee is almost fruity, a term that might sound off-putting if you’ve never tried it. When we describe Harrar as “fruity,” try not to think of a fruit drink. (Yeah, that probably would be gross.) Rather, imagine a coffee that is tangy with a sweet, blueberry aftertaste. Trust us on this one! Harrar pairs really well with caramel, toffee, and maple. The sweet, buttery flavors are the perfect compliment. We’ve especially been enjoying maple muffins with our Harrar.

#3 African Coffee With Blueberry Scones

Many African coffees are dry processed, which means that instead of being washed, the coffee cherries are laid out in the sun to dry. This results in the coffee having more earthy flavors. Also, the coffee bean soaks up more of the coffee cherry flavor (which, by the way, does not taste like cherries). All that to say… pairing these types of coffee with blueberry scones can be amazing. A must try!

#4 French Roast Coffee With Chocolate

Of all the pairings on this list, this is the one where you pretty much just can’t go wrong. French Roast coffees are very dark, robust, and sometimes smoky – all great reasons to pair them with chocolate! If you don’t have a favorite chocolate, then we recommend trying one of our chocolate flavored syrups. Try Amoretti Premium Swiss Chocolate Syrup for a really delicious coffee syrup pairing!

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