The 4 Steps in Creating a Unique Drink Recipe

With all of the Amoretti Syrups and Mixes it's easy to get carried away by your creativity.

With all of the Amoretti Syrups and Mixes it’s easy to get carried away by your creativity.

You don’t have to be a long-time Amoretti Blog reader to know that we love to make gourmet drinks. Creating unique drink recipes and sharing them with our customers is one of our favorite things about the work we do. A cocktail-and-blog-break in the afternoon definitely beats emails and paperwork!

While there’s no formula to creativity, there are some basic guidelines that we try to follow in order to come up with the very best tasting (and accessible) drink recipes. You can follow these guidelines at home to develop your own unique drink recipes.

#1 Choose a Spirit

A great cocktail has to start with a great spirit. We believe in using the best ingredients you can buy in every stage (the sum can only be as good as its weakest part). Also, choose a spirit that either:

a)      Makes sense for the drink. OR

b)      Challenges convention tastefully.

Unique beverage syrup: Kirsch

Kirsch is traditionally made from double distillation of morello cherries,and have a refined taste with subtle flavors of cherry and a slight bitter-almond taste.

If you were to use lime and tonic, for example, then gin or vodka would be obvious choices for your spirit (option A). You could opt to use a spirit like soju (a Korean rice liquor) that challenges convention, but does so tastefully (option B).

By contrast, using something like a cinnamon whiskey would neither make sense nor challenge convention (tastefully).

#2 Something Sour

By definition, a cocktail must have at least two ingredients in addition to a spirit. In many cocktails, the secondary ingredient is something sour. The sour could come from citrus, but it’s more likely to appear as triple sec or some other orange-flavored liqueur. A great liqueur can bring another layer of complex flavor to the mix.

#3 Something Sweet

Next, you’ll want a little something sweet in your gourmet cocktail recipe. A little sweetness can go a long way. Adding some simple syrup to your cocktail can give it the right amount of balance without dominating it entirely.

#4 Make It Unique

Lastly, it’s up to you to make your drink recipe unique. We love to use our premium syrups to make our cocktails unique. Adding something like Amoretti Premium Kirsch Syrup to the mix is a great way to give your cocktails a unique flavor that will keep your guests guessing!

Do you already have a method to your madness? If so, we’d love to hear about it! Maybe a favorite surprise ingredient? Share how you come up with your drink recipes on the Amoretti Facebook page.

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