The Amoretti Guide to Liqueurs & Premium Syrup (Pt. 1)

Amoretti offers a variety of liqueur flavored syrups - perfect for mock-tails and other delicious treats.

If you read through this blog on a regular basis, you know that we love creating new cocktail recipes. Many of these cocktails use our non-alcoholic liqueurs. In order to better serve you, we decided to create the official Amoretti Guide to Liqueurs. Take this guide to liqueurs as your roadmap for creating delicious drinks with our premium syrups.

Amoretti Premium Jamaican Rum Syrup is a wonderful syrup to use when you want to give your tea, cider, or coffee an extra little flavor kick. Or, you might choose to use it in place of the real thing when creating an alcohol-heavy cocktail like the Long Island.

Amoretti Premium Irish Cream Syrup is really popular with our coffee drinkers. In fact, it’s one of our best selling liqueur premium syrups. If you love the taste of Irish Cream, but aren’t likely to throw a shot in the mug at breakfast, this is your syrup!

Blue Curacao and Kahlua Premium Syrups

If you’ve never had Amaretto before, you’re missing out. Fortunately, there’s Amoretti Premium Amaretto Syrup. Drizzle this over a bowl of vanilla ice cream, or use it to make a simple vodka-on-the-rocks cocktail. You can’t go wrong with this tasty premium syrup.

Amoretti Premium Triple Sec Syrup is a distinctive flavor you already know from drinking margaritas. If you’d like to add that delicious flavor elsewhere, this premium syrup makes it easy.

Who couldn’t use a little extra class in their cocktails? Amoretti Premium Champagne Syrup is fun to pair with a lot of liquors, including gin and vodka. Stick to clear liquors when using this syrup to get standard results. Or, if you’re feeling experimental, try using it with brandy and other alcohols.

Rum, Curacao liqueur, and lime… what’s not to love? Get it all with Amoretti Premium Mai Tai Syrup. If your Mai Tais need a little extra flavor, this is the perfect way to deliver without compromising flavor.

Amoretti Premium Piña Colada Syrup is a delicious Piña Colada flavored syrup. Add it to a mimosa for a unique combination.

Many people haven’t heard of kirsch, a German cherry-flavored brandy. The real stuff can be expensive and hard to find, but Amoretti Premium Kirsch Syrup is easy to buy and use in your cocktails. It’s a great ingredient to use if you want your friends guessing about the mystery ingredient in your cocktails.

This guide to liqueurs isn’t comprehensive, but should give you a good start. Stay tuned for round two!

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