Did you know that maraschino cherries have their beginning in Croatia?

Did you know that maraschino cherries have their beginning in Croatia?

The maraschino cherry is everywhere – literally! Whether you go out to the bars or make a drink at home, the maraschino cherry is perhaps the most popular garnish for cocktail recipes. Although they hardly add any flavor to drink recipes, maraschino cherries add incredible color and truly enhance the aesthetics of your cocktail. Plus, they’re tasty to snack on, too, which is why the stem is always left attached.

But did you know that the maraschino cherry isn’t actually the name of a variety of cherry? It actually refers to the process used to preserve them so that they can be used, though you can see how the name refers to its variety of origin (marasca cherries from Croatia).

The marasca cherries were preserved in maraschino liqueurs from Italy, which coincidentally is distilled from the same cherry. After a few decades of gaining popularity in Europe, the cherries were eventually introduced to America.

The Maraschino Cherry Today

Maraschino Cherry Syrup

Maraschino Cherry Syrup

Currently, maraschino cherries are undergoing modern-day evolution, as new techniques are being used to make the preservation process more natural. Pretty cool, huh? In fact, many people are even experimenting with their own homemade maraschino cherry recipes (some don’t even require alcohol).

Did you know that maraschino cherries are available in other colors as well? Blue and green maraschino cherries add noticeable color to drink recipes and a delicious bite at the end of every drink.

As common as maraschino cherries might seem today, especially with their prevalence in cocktail recipes, the reality is that there was once a time in America when they were a coveted ingredient.

In the early 1900s, cherry consumption skyrocketed and maraschino cherry producers from Oregon to the East Coast started fighting over their share of the market. If you imagine the ugliness in politics today, you can translate that to maraschino cherry manufacturers in the early 19th century. Yes, producers were so protective of their name and market share that they would mudsling each other just to keep their sales up.

If you love the maraschino cherry flavor, you’re not alone. For many people, the cherry is one of the best parts of drink recipes. If you want to incorporate this flavor into your cocktail recipes, or into any drink for that matter, you can easily do so with Amoretti Premium Maraschino Cherry Syrup.

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