Looking for a way to brighten your day? Try flower power.

Looking for a way to brighten your day? Try flower power.

There’s a reason why there are always flowers at some of life’s most impressionable moments. From weddings to Mother’s Day to simple thinking-of-you gifts, there are many reasons why you might select a flower or bouquet for a friend or loved one.

Research performed at the Rutgers University Human Emotions Lab showcases specific emotional intelligence findings that draw specific correlations between flowers and our own perception of happiness. But as much as people love gifting flowers, we’re taking flower power to the next level by looking for unique beverage syrups, such as Amoretti Premium Elderberry Blossom Syrup, to add unique flavor to our drinks.

There’s something refreshing about elderberry – or any floral flavor, for that matter – and its ability to add unique flavor to our beverage. Of course, though, elderberry isn’t just known to add unique flavor to drinks. It’s also popularly used in pies, jellies, wines, and jams.

Elderberry Blossom Premium Syrup

Elderberry Blossom Premium Syrup

Sambucus – otherwise known as elderberry – was formerly part of the honeysuckle family but was later moved to adoxaceae after new genetic evidence. One of the key elements that make elderberries unique visually is the fact that they ripen unevenly. You’ll get red, green, and black berries, all of which are ripe.

Now, Sambucus originates from “sambuke,” a Greek instrument that was believed to heal the spirit in ancient times. The instruments were made from elderberry wood and played when people had ailments such as the flu.

Elderberry in Culinary Use

Infusing the elderberry taste into your drinks is a fun way to add unique flavor to your life. One of the most classic ways to accomplish this is by trying Elderberry Schnapps.

Of course, we’re assuming that you’ve cleaned and washed your elderberries. Next, place the elderberries in a clean glass jar. Now, pour half their weight in vodka over them until they’re covered and the jar is filled. Seal with a tight-fitting lid so that there’s as little oxygen as possible – none is best.

Allow the flavors to steep for a month in a dark closet at room temperature, shaking every so often to add unique flavor. After four weeks, strain and discard the berries, placing the remaining liquid in a smaller jar with a tight fitting lid. Let the concoction age for another two months!

Luckily, you don’t have to wait 3 months to add a distinctive flavor to your life today! With unique beverage syrups, such as Amoretti Premium Elderberry Blossom Syrup, you can enjoy the refreshing taste of this flower in a variety of drink recipes, including the Amoretti Lemon Elderberry Martini!

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