Why not wake up right this weekend with a super delicious coffee cocktail?

Kahlua and coffee are one of the cocktail world’s natural couples. Complementing each other perfectly to give you a rich, creamy drink, any coffee and cocktail lover can agree, this is heaven. But what if we told you that we’ve enhanced it with a very simple addition of hazelnut?

Don’t miss out on this delicious coffee cocktail. Watch our video to find out how to make it and give it a try this weekend! It’s guaranteed to wake you up right!

Hazelnut Syrup

Add the rich, nutty taste to your coffee, tea, cocktails, juices, and more with our Hazelnut Syrup!



    1. Pump hazelnut syrup into cocktail shaker.
    2. Add coffee and stir vigorously.
    3. Add Kahlua and ice. Shake well.
    4. Pour ice into a glass.
    5. Add a splash of milk to the glass.
    6. Pour the coffee mixture into the glass.
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