A praline is a confection made from nuts and sugar.

A praline is a confection made from nuts and sugar.

If you love to make gourmet drinks, then you might think your knowledge only has to stay contained to the liquor cabinet or espresso bar. However, at the heart of “gourmet,” is creativity. Making gourmet drinks is an art; like all arts, it’s one that must draw on a wide variety of mediums in order to remain relevant and interesting.

Today, we want to look at ‘praline,’ that delicious, candied dessert – but from a beverage perspective. With three different praline-styled products (two of which are beverage ingredients) in the Amoretti Store, we figured a full write-up might be in order!

Pistachio Praline Syrup

When you pick a secret ingredient, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one recipe that uses it!

A History of Praline

A “praline” can be different, depending on who you ask and where in the world you are. Most people will agree, however, that a praline is a confection made from nuts and sugar. In some countries, such as Belgium or here, in America, pralines can also contain chocolate or fudge (respectively).

The praline was first created in the 17th-century at the Château of Vaux-le-Vicomte in France, by Marshal du Plessis-Praslin’s cook. The chef’s original pralines were whole almonds coated in caramelized sugar. Though there are many stories surrounding how and why these early pralines came about, there’s one that’s especially interesting…

Legend has it that Marshal du Plessis-Praslin had many female interests. In order to secure a place in their hearts, he had his chef create these unique little treats which could be packaged in small bags bearing his (Marshal du Plessis-Praslin’s) name. His strategy, supposedly, was that the young lady would associate his name with the delicious praline and allow him to court her!

Today, pralines in the United States are common at just about any fair or kitsch-Americana tourist attraction. Most producers in the U.S. tend to substitute pecans for almonds, a tradition that goes back to the early French settlers in Louisiana, who had plenty of pecan trees and sugar cane to work with.

3 Amoretti Praline Products

Ready to make gourmet drinks with some delicious praline-flavored products? The first two drink syrups are great as beverage ingredients. Our artisan flavor, however, isn’t made for drinks; it’s best enjoyed in cold and frozen desserts like gelato, frozen yogurt, and ice cream.

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