The Perfect Spring Morning Drink Recipe

Wake up with a energizing cup of delicious coffee.

Wake up with a energizing cup of delicious coffee.

After daylight saving time started, the ol’ sun just keeps coming up earlier and earlier. And, we’re okay with that. An early sunrise helps us get a bright and early start to the day. Though – truth be told – there’s one other thing that’s been helping our team get a bright and early start each day: our new Italian Spring Latte.

This one-of-a-kind drink recipe, if we do say so ourselves, is pretty incredible. It’s got sweet, spice, and lots of caffeine (in other words, three of our favorite things!). Though there are some powerful coffee syrups in this drink recipe, they definitely don’t overpower the flavor of the espresso you use.

If you’re tired of ordering “specialty” lattes, just to receive some weighty, sugar-encrusted drink that has more syrup than espresso, then this recipe is for you! You’ll get to enjoy the true flavor of your coffee, without having to pass up on the interesting flavors that some great coffee syrups can bring to the mix.

Italian Spring Latte (Drink Recipe)

  • Ingredients:
  • Directions:
  • Steam your milk as you pull the espresso shots. (Any kind of milk is fine, but we’ve been enjoying soy milk with this recipe because of the extra frothiness.) Once your espresso shots are in your mug, add the two coffee syrups and swirl them in with the hot espresso. Slowly pour the steamed milk, using a spoon to reserve the foam. Add a dollop of whipped cream or a dollop of foam to the top of your latte!

    If you like tiramisu (and, really, who doesn’t?), then you may be interested in checking out our Tiramisu Macadamia Latte, which brings just the right amount of nuttiness to the creamy sweet flavor of tiramisu. Actually, now that we think about, we might have to go try mixing all three of these tasty coffee syrups together… With great coffee syrups that focus on flavor instead of on sugar, why not?

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