The Ultimate Guide to Making Gourmet Drinks

Making gourmet drinks is easy with these simple instructions.

Learn to make gourmet drinks and impress your guests.

Love to make gourmet drinks at your home bar? Not sure what a “home bar” really is, but interested in learning? No matter which end of the spectrum you come from, there are a few basics you need to know about building a great home bar. Let’s dig into the Amoretti archives together to pool all of the resources you need for having a first-class home bar.

Quality Spirits

Every cocktail starts with a spirit as its base (gin, whiskey, tequila, vodka, rum, etc.). In order to make gourmet drinks that are different from one another, you have to have a selection of spirits. While nicer, high-priced spirits are ideal, not everyone can afford the very best right out of the gates. Instead, focus on diversifying your “liquor library.” Choose two clear spirits (vodka and gin, for example), two dark spirits (rum and brandy), and at least two types of whiskey (bourbon and scotch for a good variety).

Great Cocktail Mixes & Liqueur-Flavored Syrups

Once you have your spirits, the only other things you really need to make gourmet drinks are mixers. Go ahead and pick up your standard soft drinks, fruit juices, etc. Beyond those, select a few cocktail mixes and liqueur-flavored syrups.

Amoretti Blue Curacao Syrup

Amoretti Blue Curacao Syrup

We’re proud to feature a wide-selection of cocktail mixes that are made from real fruit. Additionally, we offer 14 delicious non-alcoholic liqueur-flavored syrups. If you’re looking for more information about these liqueur-flavored syrups (or recipe suggestions), be sure to check out our in-depth guides:

Every Bar Needs a Garden

If you’re serious about making gourmet drinks that really rock, then you might want to have fresh ingredients right outside the door that can ratchet your cocktail recipes up to the next level. A bartender’s garden provides a way for you to get to know your ingredients on an entirely different level. Here are some of our favorite fresh herbs that we’ve written about recently:

Other Things to Consider

Lastly, you’ll want to be sure that your home bar has all the features you need to make gourmet drinks at home, as well as these bartender accessories.

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