Three 3-Minute Drink Recipes for the Holidays


This holiday season, we’ve already written a host of delicious hot drink recipes, from our Cherry Hot Chocolate recipe to our Victorian Pomander-Style Tea. However, a few more cocktail drink recipes never hurt anyone, right? If you’re looking for some quick and easy cocktail recipes to carry you through the holidays, check out these three recipes, which use our cocktail mixes and premium syrups. All of these recipes can be made in three minutes or less! We know this time of year is busy for everyone, so that’s why we created drink recipes that you can create in no time!

Amoretti Kir

Traditionally, this cocktail is made with crème de cassis, a blackcurrant liqueur. Most major liquor stores will carry this liqueur, but if not, try using our delicious blackberry martini cocktail mix. It’s a little more tart than crème de cassis, which we love! Simply add the cocktail mix to your wine glass, and top with a crisp white wine.

Amoretti Raspberry Martini Mix

Amoretti Mimosa

Here’s another easy one. The mimosa is hands down the best brunch cocktail there is. We can’t decide if we like it more on a warm spring morning or during the holiday season. Either way, it’s a great cocktail – no matter what time of year it is! When making this cocktail, start off with the orange juice and cocktail mix; then top your flute with champagne. Sip, drain, and repeat!

Amoretti Lemon Drop

Pour your vodka and lemon drop mix, muddle your sugar cube, add ice, and enjoy! We’re recycling this lemon drop recipe from June because it’s just that good! If you’re tired of serving punch at your cocktail parties, offer guests this unique drink recipe. If you click on the link above, you cans see the original recipe, which is slightly more involved than the version we’re sharing today in this blog post.

We hope you enjoy these three quick and easy recipes this holiday season. Do you have a favorite holiday drink recipe of your own? Maybe one you’ve been making for years? If so, share your traditions with other Amoretti readers on our Facebook page.

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