Are you familiar with history of toffee?

Are you familiar with history of toffee?

Although toffee is a flavor that we’re all familiar with, chances are that you aren’t familiar with its history or heritage. A combination of sugar and molasses, toffee is perhaps the most interesting invention that existed before premium syrup – and that’s saying a lot! Fortunately, with both toffee and premium syrup, we can enjoy toffee flavored coffee. Yum.

But before we begin indulging our taste buds, let’s review some of the most interesting facts surrounding toffee!

  1. You can’t search for the history of toffee. At least not definitively. If you believe that an internet search will give you answer you want, think again. The history and origins of toffee are so convoluted that it’s impossible to find a historically accurate answer.
  2. Original toffee was alcohol flavored. This is because some of the earliest toffee recipes called for rum. Mixed with molasses or sugar, the rum would provide a popular flavor for the candies and allow them to have a longer shelf life.
  3. The earliest documentation of toffee anywhere comes from 1825. Introduced into the Oxford dictionary, it’s believed that toffee was in existence before the dictionary acknowledged it. Still, though, its exact origins remain a debatable topic.

Even though we don’t exactly know how it was invented, we can still enjoy toffee in our flavored coffee today. This delicious flavor will instantly add warmth and depth to your coffee, cider, cocoa, eggnog, and even Italian soda! Seriously, the uses for toffee are limitless, especially with Amoretti Premium Crema di English Toffee.

Made with only the finest ingredients available, Amoretti Premium Crema di English Toffee is certified kosher and provides incredible flavor without any additives or artificial sweeteners. It’s so delicious that you won’t even care that the origin of toffee is unknown. Rather, you’ll be interested in learning about the history behind Amoretti premium syrup for flavored coffee.

So what can you use toffee premium syrup for?

  • Beverages. Of course, premium syrup from Amoretti can be used to make any beverage a unique and quality blend of cherished flavors.
  • Dessert. Because toffee is such a sweet flavor, toffee premium syrup can be added to any dessert to create a sweet ending to your meal. Whether it’s used as syrup for an ice cream Sunday or a light drizzle over pound cake, Amoretti Premium Crema di English Toffee is a treat!
  • Breakfast. Try using this premium syrup for your breakfast pancakes and waffles. Add it to your flavored coffee as well, and you have a winning breakfast combination that will ensure the rest of your day is just as excellent!
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