Throw a Coffee Party With Amoretti Coffee Syrups

Coffee party

This holiday season, why not mix things up a bit? Instead of throwing the typical holiday party with traditional spice-infused cocktails, host a coffee party instead. A coffee party can be a great way to introduce guests to different types of coffee, as well as explore your taste buds in a new way.

If you suspect that your guests might know a thing or two about coffee, recommend that everyone bring his or her own favorite type of coffee. If you suspect your guests buy pre-ground coffee in 5-pound canisters, then it might be up to you to provide the top-shelf coffee.

We’ve given our reasons in the past for buying specialty coffee locally, but you should buy whatever you’re most comfortable with. Aim for diversity (different types of roasts, regions, etc.) in order to make the most of the experience.

Once you have your coffees selected, let everyone at the party taste them individually. Provide your guests with the terminology to describe coffee. This can (and should) be a learning experience. The point isn’t to make anyone feel inferior! Rather, start off simply. ‘Body’ is one of the easiest categories to distinguish.

This 3 pack is perfect for stuffing stockings

The body of coffee, for example, could be heavy in a dark coffee (Indonesian, perhaps) and light in a Latin American coffee, where the beverage smoothly washes off the back of the tongue. Let everyone have their say in describing the coffee.

Once you’ve tasted the coffee by itself, it’s time to start mixing things up with some Amoretti coffee syrups. With more than 115 to choose from, you’ve got plenty of options in the Amoretti store. We recommend getting a couple of standard flavors and then a few more exotic flavors. That way, everyone can have a great time, no matter what their palate.

For standard coffee syrups, check out our Classic Syrups, which feature great tasting flavors like Amoretti Premium Caramel Syrup. If you’re looking for something more exotic that will be the talk of your party, get creative, and opt for something like Amoretti Premium Chestnut Praline Syrup.

At the end of your party, thank your guests for being good sports with a coffee basket. Coffee baskets could include little single servings of your favorite coffee (already ground up) or a small gift set like our Christmas 3-pack, which includes eggnog, peppermint, and gingerbread coffee syrups.

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